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Experience, Integrity & Success

iParks Property Group possesses over 100 years of combined experience developing residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Our experience encompasses all facets of property development including, sourcing prime sites, project management, architectural design, council approval, marketing, sales and leasing.

iParks success is founded on the strength of our relationships. And is closely aligned with a reliable construction company – this greatly minimises the construction risks often associated with property development.

About iParks

Welcome to iParks – your partners in industrial and commercial development throughout Western Australia.

Design & Construct – to your specification

Your bespoke building with iParks throughout Western Australia provides the opportunity to tailor the exact specification of a building to the exact needs of your business.

iParks is an experienced provider of commercial & residential real estate. iParks are one of the few real estate businesses that are able to take a leading role in the Western Australian property market as a developer, owner, manager and investor.

All project developments are completed on time and on budget delivering a cross section of properties and a diverse range of customers. An in-house design and commercial feasibility team help customers with their leasing decisions and provide options for our tenants to either grow or downsize effectively. During the leasing period iParks encourage a high level of tenant engagement to ensure all obligations are met and every potential opportunity explored.

Internal maintenance personnel with quality approved supplementary contractors provide a fast response to maintenance and unintended insurance events whilst a continuous pipeline of properties coming on to the market provides an up to date, priority offering to our customers. Scalable properties with additions and extensions are negotiated on a transparent basis. iParks can provide modern, bespoke accommodation designed and constructed to high standards of sustainability across the iParks portfolio, or alternatively, we can work with our customers to identify land within a preferred location. Whatever the situation, iParks takes a long term view of its developments, paying close attention to the management of its assets and building close relationships with each of its customers.

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iParks develops quality buildings, on-time and on-budget.

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